Fashion changes as quickly as the weather, and now there’s a meteorologist to prove it: Color Forecast, a neat web tool from Pimkie, a French clothing chain. Check the forecast, and you can see what people in the stylish cities of Paris, Milan and Antwerp, Belgium, are wearing in real-time.

(Color Forecast)

Color Forecast works by cataloguing the colors of moving objects on a fixed webcam. As people walk by, it keeps tabs on what colors they’re wearing, and reports the results in real time. Of course, the Color Forecast can’t account for any unfashionable people or American tourists or buses that pull up, so the color forecast comes from keeping tabs on everyone — not just stylish people. Unlike meteorology, it’s not a science.

It’s doubtful that anyone would actually coordinate their wardrobe according to Color Forecast because:

1) What’s trending in Antwerp may not be cool in Miami.

2. If you live in any of those cities, why would you want to match everyone else?

But Pimkie proves that the webcam could usurp the street-style photographer as the new arbiter of voyeuristic fashion-watching.

[via Adverve]

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