After conservative artist Jon McNaughton painted his controversial image of Obama burning the Constitution, painter Dan Lacey didn’t want to let a statement so bold go uncontested. But instead of calling McNaughton a fool or a bad artist, like many of the commenters who disagreed with McNaughton, he decided to let his work speak for him. Lacey painted a parody of McNaughton’s image, showing the painting itself burning, with “malicious anthropomorphisms” trying to escape the blaze.

"One Nation Under McNaughton" (Dan Lacey/Courtesy of the artist)

Lacey is best known as the guy who paints portraits of presidents and celebrities with pancakes on their heads. There’s no pancake in this image, but a previous parody painting that Lacey created showed Obama with a pancake on his head, urinating on the constitution-burning painting in the McNaughton art gallery. Lacey removed the image from his site and replaced it with the one above, calling the prior image “a 'Mad Magazine' style Obama. Not nuanced enough, and not enough art.  This works better, I think.”

Art critic Jerry Saltz said that McNaughton’s painting “has no graphic power of its own. It simply attempts to crawl into the body of that sort of illustration.” Lacey’s painting seems to imply that the burning of the original painting seems to exorcise the anthropomorphic demons that live inside McNaughton’s creation. You can judge for yourself if Lacey’s painting lives up to Saltz’s standards — but no one seems to be taking either work very seriously.