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Corey Newman could not wait to get his hands on a Sunday Washington Post to ask Marlowe Epstein, "Will you marry me?" through a crossword puzzle. (Evelio Contreras )

She said yes in a moment that was captured on hidden camera for Post readers and viewers the next day.

For some folks, private declarations of love just don’t cut it. Thanks to the ease of making videos these days, those intimate moments can easily be shared online with the whole world.

Newman, 29, had professional help, but does he have any regrets inviting The Post in to record his proposal moment?

No, the happy lovebirds from Alexandria declared, after a recent visit. The two mused poetically about the meaning of engagements and their plans to wed May 12.

“When we get married and we spend our lives together, that’s the book,” Marlowe, 32, said. “That’s going to be the real story.”

Newman, 29, said they are working on logistics, making sure everything goes according to plan on their wedding date. Well, not everything. Newman said he’d let us know if he comes up with a scheme rivaling the crossword marriage proposal on their wedding date.

“I’ll start digging into my tricks,” Newman said.

Watch the couple talk marriage plans here:

Epstein and Newman have put us in a warm-and-fuzzy state of mind. Whether you found a diamond in your stocking or popped the question on the golf course in July, we want to hear your engagement stories. Send us a photo of you and your spouse/fiance(e) and tell us the story behind the proposal in the caption. Or you can leave your story in the comments below

And watch Newman pop the question here.