All the discussions last week about the precarious financial condition of the Lincoln Theatre alarmed the local arts community, but especially the Dakshina Dance Co.

Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company performs "Frida," choreographed by Anna Sokolow at the Gala Hispanic Theatre. (Photo by Stephen Baranovics-Courtesy of Gala Hispanic Theatre)

“We have been guaranteed by the theatre that our events are not going to have any problems,” said Daniel Phoenix Singh, the founder of the company. But their patrons and promoters were confused. “We were doing well with ticket sales until all this broke. Now it is stagnant. Some of the media outlets pulled us out of their calendars.”

On the program Friday and Saturday a special event will be the appearance of Leela Samson, a celebrated dancer in India and director of the Kalakshetra, Chennai dance group. “This is a historic festival for us. Her company is 75 years old and has never toured in the U.S.,” said Singh.

The Lincoln Theatre, a landmark on U Street NW, lost its funding from the District government and its officials and government supporters are investigating how to raise $500,000 from the city or other sources.