Each week in Date Lab, our ever-popular experiment in matchmaking and blind dates, we try to pair up two people who might ignite a romantic spark. There are no fancy algorithms, no hard-and-fast rules for predicting chemistry, no magical mind-reading monkeys (well, not usually.) Just two editors armed with a database of 4,500+ applications.

And before we begin this exercise in matchmaking predictions, remember: if you know these two, and thus know how they fared, PLEASE don’t announce it in the comments. Nobody likes a spoiler.

Michael, 28, works on Capitol Hill. Baylee, 26, is an advocate for the homeless.

Do you work out?

Michael: Yes: Marathons, mountaineering, gym junkie.

Baylee: Yes, 6-7 days a week!

Do you drink?

Michael:  Yes, socially.

Baylee: Yes, not in excess unless I’m expected to dance.

Your idea of funny ...

Michael:  Dry wit in the British sense. I hate to refer to a TV show here, but have you watched Top Gear? Some of those clips have me in absolute stitches the way few things do.

Baylee:  Someone who finds me funny, of course. This guy will have to have a Vonnegut-esque appreciation for quick observations with pithy delivery.

First thing people notice in your home ...

Michael:  I live in a house with three other people, so I'll substitute "room" for "house" — and it's probably the five musical instruments and computer-recording setup.

Baylee:  Either the scent of something baking in the kitchen or the scent of something burning in the kitchen.

Brag a little ...

Michael: Smart, athletic, well-educated, musically talented, funny, adventurous, driven, easygoing, ambitious, and I’m told that I’m good-looking. I have a cool job that I love and great friends. I can get along with just about anyone and make awkward situations fun. This year, I’ve played in symphonies, sung in choirs, performed with a tango orchestra and traveled with a successful funk band, plus climbing a bunch of mountains out in the Cascades.

Baylee: I’m a straight shooter, passionate about my values and an expert at making people feel at ease. For those worthy of my time, I enjoy sharing my biting wit and keen observations. Plus I have a really great butt. Like, really great.

Chances you’ll make a new friend while out at a bar ...

Michael: Depends on the bar, but in a dive-ish place, pretty high.

Baylee: I'd say 95%. I actually have an overwhelming, involuntary ability to attract strangers to me. Homeless people? Yep. Crazy ladies in the gym locker room? Sure. Cute boys at Starbucks? Yes please. I'm always fascinated by other people's lives, so I love it.

Interests to share ...

Michael: Athletics generally, if not running particularly. Climbing or hiking would be a major plus. Appreciation for music is a must. Moderate liberal political stance a plus (though I try to avoid political discussions, so I’ve dated across the spectrum without issues).

Baylee: Love of the outdoors and exercise, making fun of hipsters, eating healthy, reading for fun, interest in critical thinking, love of baseball, dislike of football.

How you hope s/he’s different from you ...

Michael: More family-oriented, a better cook, and generally more empathetic and patient.

Baylee: I hope he is a better dancer than I am. I hope he knows how to put up a tent and make a campfire.

Last book you read ...

Michael: Two just recently - "Killing Pablo" and "Deep Survival." Both nonfiction, I know. On the fiction side, I just powered through the 5 books of "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin after getting hooked on “Game of Thrones.” Thank you, HBO.

Baylee: “Something Happened” by Joseph Heller. Surprisingly, more than one thing happened.

Your sign ...

Michael:  Pisces

Baylee:  Sagittarius

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Update: Now that you’ve predicted the outcome, find out what really happened.

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