Artist David Choe painted murals at the headquarters of Facebook Inc. in exchange for an undisclosed amount of company stock (RAMIN TALAIE/BLOOMBERG NEWS)

Choe has since joined Facebook, but he’s remained mum on his sudden windfall, which is estimated at about $200 million. But ever since his name began to make headlines, Choe’s Facebook friends haven’t kept quiet about the artist’s good fortune: They’re congratulating him, asking him for money, and doling out advice. Here’s how they think Choe should spend his millions:

All from Choe’s Facebook page, all [sic]

On Luxuries:

• “My Advice David, Hang up the Phone, turn off the Computer, find a nice spot on a beach in Bora Bora, and forget to tell people where you are for awhile.”

On loans to friends:

• “Hey I think you owe me $”

• “Hey, Dave, can I borrow $200M? I need to make a wager...”

• “Choe...heard you got PAID...want to invest $100,000 to get my ad agency off the ground? Talk about street cred.... congratulations.”

• “I will accept any of your art you no longer need to sell!”

• “It's all really absurd isn't it? Just checked out your blog/site and happy to realize you are the real thing. Timing is everything. If anyone had told me I'd be unemployed with a 2 year old at 49 I wouldn't have believed them, either.”

On Art (and congratulations):

• “Time to illustrate the Bible and paint the Great Wall you freaky Korean.”

• “Victuals and materials and space for struggling artists would help spread Eros against Thanatos more than gilded gee-gaws and metastasizing glitz. Everything fades eventually but creative decency. Art is the blood of our souls.

• “No limits. The world is your canvas. congrats man! also, bacon.”

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