Working, or looking at every single photo of her freshman-year roommate’s friend’s cousin’s vacation on Facebook? (Zsolt Nyulaszi)

Because of daylight saving time, the average person missed out on an extra 40 minutes of sleep last night. Penn State researchers conducted experiments with subjects who were assigned a computer task, but the sleep-deprived subjects spent about 20 percent of their time surfing the Web for unrelated content, such as entertainment news or other amusements.

So, if you feel like you aren’t getting anything done today, you’re not the only one. And don’t let this blog post stop you! Perhaps you’d like to read about the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed doghouse. Or see how lions with a “BeetleCam” are equivalent to kittens playing with a Roomba (complete with lion AND kitten video!). Distractions! Jon Hamm! Shiny things!

The researchers say that employers can cut down on cyberloafing by encouraging employees to get a full night’s rest, and turning their computer screens so that colleagues can see them, and shame them for reading about Snooki’s pregnancy.

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