Tom and Gary are having a party in D.C. this weekend. It’s gonna be a rager. You’re totally invited.

Tom and Gary's Decentralized Dance Party (Tom and Gary's Decentralized Dance Party/via YouTube)

But Tom and Gary aren’t just dudes who like to party — they’re performance artists, and their schtick is part art happening, part flash mob. At South by Southwest last year, the duo premiered the Decentralized Dance Party — a “portable, battery-powered Party System” that makes any group of people with boomboxes into a mobile bash. A DJ wears a backpack that contains an FM radio transmitter, and broadcasts his music to anyone nearby with a boombox tuned into that station. Via social media, Tom and Gary gather hundreds of people for parties in each city, and flash mob-like, they all take to the streets as they blast their dance music and wear silly costumes.

A Facebook invitation will reveal the starting location of Tom and Gary’s traveling party on Friday, before it begins at 8 p.m on Saturday, May 25. Party guests are asked to dress for the theme, “Strictly Business,” which means business attire and accessories like wheeled office chairs, coffee mugs and rolodexes (“Get creative and crazy,” the invite encourages). The parties are funded through Kickstarter donations.

One possible route for the Decentralized Dance Party this weekend: Dupont Circle, which may appeal to the hosts because of its fountain.

"We love routes where there's a public fountain along the way, and you can get a hundred people to jump in," Gary said to the Huffington Post. "We call those swim meets."