“Booby Trap” by Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) on view at the "Dr. Seuss’ Secrets Of The Deep" exhibit at P & C Art Gallery. (TM & Copyright 2011 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. /All Rights Reserved)

In honor of his 108th birthday anniversary, we asked our readers to take a page from Dr. Seuss’s book and set current events to poetry. The results were funny, incisive and surprising. Here are a few notable contributions. Please add more in the comments below!

Tweeting Tweens

New Jersey was mourning, their flags were half mast
A legend, an icon, had recently passed.
Whitney was honored soon after she died.
The Bodyguard spoke while the audience cried.
The radio played tons of hits all day long.
Especially one, loud and infamous song.
But one group of people, did not have a clue.
The young tweeting tweens asking, “Huh? Whitney who?”

By NobleGnarble

(Random House)

Would you like your eggs cage free?
Would you like ham nitrate free?
I do not need them
cage free you see,
I do not need them
nitrate free.
I do not like to pay
for organic eggs and ham each day.
You Greenie Bean you stay away.

Would you eat eggs
with Omega 3’s?
Would you eat ham
that’s phosphate free?

By: FuntasticallyGreen

Fishy Politics

One fish, two fish,
red fish, blue fish.
Some are old, some are new,
Some are – aw, shucks – just like you!

This one has a dog named Bo,
That one’s dog was once cargo.
That one has at least four cars,
A teetotaler, he avoids the bars.

So he doesn’t drink, why all the fuss –
Who said fish were just like us?

Have you ever seen plain logic jump?
I saw a man who was just a chump.
So if you saw the debate’s bump bumps
Just dump those lumps on the stunned stumped chump!
From there to here, from here to there,
funny things are everywhere!

By: ThriftyGrrrl

Politics A-plenty

Mitt. Fit. Mitt won’t fit.
Mitt can swing, so Mitt can’t hit.
No one knows where Mitt’s chits sit.
Newt. Loot. Newt likes loot.
Booting wives is cute, says Newt.
Lobby cash is Newt’s suit’s fruit.
Rick. Slick. Rick is slick.
JFK makes Rick feel sick?
Church-as-State is Rick’s clique’s pick.
Shlock! Crock! Flee this flock!
(No big shock, we’ll keep Barack.)

By: Nan_Lynn

A student prepares to celebrate Dr. Seuss (Courtesy Jonathan Forsythe)

In Celebration of Seuss

I see it’s your birthday, Dr. Seuss.
I opened the Post, and saw the news.
Congratulations on all that you’ve done
To make them good readers: my daughter and son.
We read you each night
From the time they were wee.
You made us all laugh
Their dad, them and me.
So, happy birthday
We liked your rhymes.
Thank you! Thank you!
For all the good times.

By: Coboldb2

A Toybox of Words

Thank you Mr. Theodor Seuss Geisel
When we read your books we smilsel
We unpretzel our legs and free the wiggles
For a better stance to unleash the giggles
You teach us not to be so serious with words
That silly, schmilly, sas-a-do-rilly will loudly be heard
Words become toys when you put it that way
A toybox of words in my brain to play
This is the gift you have given to my family
Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mom’s calling me for some
Green Eggs and Hamily.

By: Shelisa