It’s the geek equivalent of new car smell: That wave of plasticky aroma that strikes your nostrils as you unwrap a brand new computer. It’s the smell of a fresh start, of shiny and bright success — but would people react the same way to that scent on a person?

An Australian art collective called Greatest Hits has collaborated with a scent marketing company to bottle up the scent of a MacBook — and if they find a distributor, you could smell like an Apple product, too.

A MacBook Pro. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“It smells like a mixture of ink, paper, foam, sticky tape and the Macbook with a hint of glue smell,” Air Aroma Sales Manager Alexandre Cosic told the blog Co.Design. “The scent is very subtle, just like when you would open the box.”

The group has created the scent only for Greatest Hits’ art installation so far, but they’re seeking a distributor. Air Aroma did not use any material from an actual MacBook to create the scene, but rather, “various natural products such as leather, lily flower but also plastic film, cold metal and musk.”

They also aren’t the first to bottle up a weird and/or repulsive scent to make “perfume.” Here are a few other unique fragrances, ranked in order of disgustingness:

Funeral Home, which probably smells quite nice, despite the foreboding name — all of the notes are white flowers.

Money, a fragrance that smells like citrus and ocean breezes, but comes packed in a box of shredded $20 bills. In this economy?

Cthulhu, which smells like seaweed, sea salt and “sticky dark ocean plants,” as befitting the H.P. Lovecraft monster.

Lobster cologne, which contains notes of sea, sweet meat and drawn butter (It’s only $6!)

Flame by BK, a burger-scented fragrance created by Burger King

• “Secretions Magnifiques,” which is supposed to evoke the scent of blood, sweat, sperm and saliva, has “blood accord” listed as one of its ingredients.

These might not smell gross to everyone, though. Our columnist Gene Weingarten admitted in a column to hating the scent of perfume but acknowledged in a chat enjoying “funny” smells like powerful cheese and beach balls. Air Aroma: You can put those ones in production next.

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