If the sudden chill of this weekend’s snowtober may have inspired a few drawings in the windowpane frost, the new music video for Evelyn Evelyn has a blizzard’s worth. Directed by Hoku Uchiyama, the video marries hand-drawn animation with live action by bringing the pictures drawn in a foggy window to life.

The animation acts out some of the lyrics of Evelyn Evelyn’s song ”Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?” an in-joke about the duo, whose stage personas are conjoined twins. In their fictional backstory, the sisters were born Sept. 11, 1985 on a small farm in Western Kansas. “The sisters are parapagus tripus dibrachius twins, sharing three legs, two arms, three lungs, two hearts and a single liver,” and they get their love of music from a stint in a traveling circus.

The actual duo is comprised of Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls and Jason Webley, who strap themselves together for performances. Their music is inspired by vaudeville, the Andrews Sisters and new wave. To make the animated music video, the faux-twins filmed their portion separately from the animated glass, which was doctored with water and dulling spray to render properly on camera. The animation, by Adam Bolt, is reminiscent of early Disney cartoons.

(via Design Taxi)