Real — or faking it?

According to People’s Daily Online, an English-language Chinese news site, the bellies have been used for everything from theater to fashion statements.

“Most of the customers have bought the bellies for acting performances or as a joke, though others wanted to experience the life of a pregnant woman,” the owner of one shop that carried the bellies told the People’s Daily.

In celebrity-pregnancy-obsessed America, fake bellies have appeared before as a plot point on “Glee,” and a controversy erupted when some people claimed that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy with an artificial bump.

Since the fake baby bump likely doesn’t come with a faux motherly glow, we wonder if this look will ever be more than just a curious trend. Wearers could reap some unethical rewards for their style choice — like always having a seat on the subway, or the freedom to use expectant mother parking spaces. Hollywood made pregnancy a fashion statement with its incessant tabloid “bump watch” features, but will China make pregnancy, like handbags, just another fashion statement to be faked?

[via Neatorama]

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