In the 1930s, fashion designers predicted the coming of Lady Gaga.When a British newsreel asked designers to dream up outfits for the modern woman, circa 2000, their outfits look like old-fashioned takes on what’s already in Mother Monster’s closet.

(Screengrab, Youtube)

The video was uploaded in 2009, but it’s making the rounds now, as viewers comment on how many of the predictions came true. Dresses made out of metal? Check. Sculptural hair? Yep. Cantilever heels? Uh-huh. Wedding dresses made of glass? Well, we haven’t quite gotten there yet. But the 1930s vision of future fashion offers a few prescient predictions.

Convertible clothing, whether it’s those heinous zip-off shorts, or American Apparel’s wear-it-seven-ways Le Sac dress, is a part of our modern wardrobe. So, too, is the cellphone utility belt designed for the modern man, in the form of a cellphone holster.

Cantilever “reverse” heels were a part of Marc Jacobs’s 2007 fashion line, where they were branded “dangerous” for wear. Since then, cantilever shoes have only gotten more extreme, with Gaga leading the charge in her “hoof” shoes. She’s also worn the dress made of metal the transparent net, and the sculpted hair. The light-up dress goes to her style competitor, Katy Perry, who wore a gown with lights in it for the 2010 Met Gala. We’re still waiting for the electric belt to adapt the body to climate change, though — an invention that may prove even more important as the years go by.