The nerdy-chic corner of the Internet exploded in rapturous glee this week with the debut of Felicia Day’s new YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry. If you’ve never heard of Felicia Day, start with this primer (actually, start by reading my profile of her), then come back and see for yourself what the fuss is about.

Felicia Day introduces "The Flog," her personal video diary. (YouTube)

“The Guild” — a series about a mismatched guild of online gamers is Day’s best-known work — the first four seasons are available on YouTube. Here’s season one in its entirety.

“Geek & Sundry” will contain six original new shows, including ”The Flog” (Get it? Felicia + vlog), a video diary of Day’s misadventures through Los Angeles. Watch the debut episode, wherein she becomes a blacksmith. Sort of.

A rock anthem for overgrown nerds everywhere — Day and the cast of “The Guild” sing “I’m the One That’s Cool,” dedicated to all of the cheerleaders who used to sneer and snicker in the cafeteria.