The Internet cat video, ultimate office procrastination device and frequent target of Everything-That-Is-Wrong-With-Our-Culture harangues, is finally getting its own film festival.

 The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is accepting nominations for its first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival, which takes place August 30.

(Katie Hill Walker Art Center)

 “Let’s transform this singular small-screen viewing experience into a shared celebration with the larger-than-life projection of these silly clips out on the Open Field,” writes festival founder Katie Hill, self-described cat-lady-in-residence at the Center, in a blog post soliciting entries.

 Since it began accepting nominations on Monday, Hill says, the Center has received more than 3,000 clips. Due to the overwhelming response, she suspects she’ll have to hire some interns to separate the keepers from the duds.

Nominated videos range from amateur YouTube footage of kitties “playing” instruments to the deadpan existentialism of internet sensation Henri the Cat.

 “I really like cats and I like cat videos,” says Hill by phone from the Walker offices. “I was trying to think of creative ways to engage new communities and challenge social practice,” she continues, explaining that cat videos are often guilitly viewed in isolated office cubicles. Hill wanted to see what would happen if the experience became a communal affair.

For those who consider themselves immune to a cat video’s charms, Hill has a few choice words: “You can’t not laugh at kittens falling off a vacuum cleaner.”