Consider the American Flag bikini. It’s as apropos at a Nascar rally as it is in a fashion spread, worn by celebrities from Jessica Simpson to Cindy Crawford. It is, perhaps, one of the boldest ways a girl can demonstrate her patriotism — especially if they want their fellow Americans to admire more than just the stars and stripes.


Flag day by mlj708 featuring a heart shirt

What can be seen on the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore also retails for $65, by Ralph Lauren. But the beach (and the Mall, where we see plenty of flag attire of questionable taste) isn’t the only place for patriotism. Flag apparel has always resided in a precarious place in the American wardrobe, verging between classic and tacky — and this summer, with the Olympics coming up, we’re bound to see a lot more of it.

For what it’s worth, Lauren, who designed the Team USA Olympic attire this year, used our national colors, but not the actual design of the flag. Nevertheless, some fashion bloggers are hailing the return of American flag style, with the stars and stripes appearing on high-fashion items like the Jeffrey Campbell boots pictured above, or just T-shirts from American Apparel.

Flag Day and Memorial Day have passed, so we’re halfway through the summer’s patriotic holidays — but the trend may not last until the Fourth of July. With an entry on Buzzfeed’s list of “11 tired hipster trends that are all over Instagram,” flag fatigue may set in before the opening ceremony.

View Photo Gallery: Banners are being raised across the country in honor of Flag Day, the commemoration of the adoption of the U.S. flag.