In February Ford’s Theatre will take another step in creating a “Lincoln Campus” on 10th Street N.W. with the opening of a Center for Education and Leadership.

Metal and hollow books make up the ongoing installation of a three-story sculpture featuring the hundreds of books written about Abraham Lincoln. This design is part of Ford’s Theatre’s Center for Education and Leadership, which opens in February. (Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON POST)

Pressley reported “The books, mainly histories and biographies about Abraham Lincoln, look real, but they’re fireproof aluminum fakes.”

Paul R. Tetreault, the theatre’s director, said “You can touch.”

Pressley also noted: “The under-construction center looked like a book store’s back room, with familiar titles such as “Team of Rivals” and “Manhunt” lined up across the floor. Publishers granted rights to reproduce the jacket art of more than 200 Lincoln-related titles, and nearly 7,000 copies will be stacked up through the atrium’s spiral staircase. The sculpture was created by Split Rock Studios, a Minnesota-based firm specializing in museum design.”

The public will be able to see the book tower when the center opens to everyone in February. The theatre announced Wednesday there will be two open houses Feb. 12 and Feb. 20.

The building was purchased by Ford’s board in 2007 and is adjacent to the Petersen House, where Lincoln died. Some features of the center are two floors of exhibit space, two floors of education studios, a distance-learning lab and space for lectures and receptions.

Ford’s also announced the world premiere of a play it commissioned about the relationship between Lincoln and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. “Necessary Sacrifices” premieres Jan. 20.