Today, five reviews from Post critics for five very different Fringe shows. Let’s start with the ones that have puppets:

’Hugo Ball: A Super Spectacular Dada Adventure’ presented by Pointless Theatre. (Rachel Parks )

“Hugo Ball: A Super Spectacular Dada Adventure”: Pointless Theatre Company strikes the right balance between historical tribute to the dada movement founder, and nonsense sound poem. A segment I enjoyed: “Because Ball once said, ‘Men have been confused with machines,’ a tin-can clattering parade of robots marches by, snapping a pair of metal jaws before they’re dispatched to insult audience members with slurs such as, ‘Your mother was a hermaphrodite,’ and ‘You must have failed your SATs.’” Read the full review here.

“Illuminate: A Martial Arts Experience”: This is not to be confused with “Illuminopolis.” Celia Wren saw this ninja kung fu light show, and enjoyed it. “Souped up with glowing weaponry, the ghost of a ‘Karate Kid’-type story line and gnomic voice-overs (‘Your hand should not fear the brick; the brick should fear your hand’), this unusual Fringe selection offers an opportunity to see a whirling nunchaku that’s as eerily luminous as Luke Skywalker’s light saber,” she says. Read her full review here.

“Preacherman”: Fiona Zublin meets pentecostal preacher Tom Nugent, who narrates his journey to enlightenment. “Nugent finds his answers at (where else?) Burning Man, where everybody gets enlightened, or at least high enough to think he’s seen God. Even though the details are hardly out of the ordinary, Nugent keeps the story engaging with tales of speaking in tongues and preaching to gang members in inner-city Detroit,” says Zublin. Read her full review here.

“Divas Just Wanna have Fun!”: Charles Downey classifies this recital as “not too annoying.” “Surprisingly, for a concept intended to play on the stereotype of sopranos as spotlight-craving showboats, there were few vocal pyrotechnics and even fewer soaring high notes,” he says. Read his full review here.

Full listing of today’s shows on GOG.

In other Fringe news:

City Paper has an interview with the creator of “Flyboy,” a Fringe show about space travel. They’ve also got a Q&A with Fringe musician Jeff Barsky.

• “Rock Bottom: A Rock Opus,” at the DCAC, is not part of the Fringe Festival — but that’s not getting in the way of its creative team throwing their own “Fringe of the Fringe” festival, consisting entirely of their play. Tickets are cheaper than Fringe shows with the ticket code “JOEY.”