(Courtesy: Random House)

New York-based novelist Gary Shteyngart is the first American writer to win the UK’s Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for comic fiction. He was awarded the prize for his novel “Super Sad True Love Story,” a dystopian, satirical novel about post-literate America.

Ron Charles of the Washington Post called the novel, “A slit-your-wrist satire illuminated by the author’s absurd wit…”

The prize is awarded to fiction that “captures the comic spirit” of English humorist P.G. Wodehouse. Shteyngart will be honored at the Hay Literary Festival in Hay-on-Wye, Wales on June 4th, where a local pig will be named after his novel. The Wodehouse Prize, established in 2000, is Britain’s only literary award for comic writing.

Peter Florence, judge and director of the Hay Festival, called Gary Shteyngart, “A staggeringly clever satirist who manages to create worlds and people of perfect coherence and outrageous misfortune.”

Shteyngart was recently named one of The New Yorker’s “20 under 40” and has taught writing at both Columbia and Princeton. This is Shteyngart’s third novel.