After seeing enough cat photos on Facebook, check-ins on FourSquare (mayor of Chipotle!), tweets passing along favorite links and YouTube uploads, you can feel like you really know a person.

The band Riot !n Paris agrees, and it’s planning to go a step further — it’s betting that it can get to know a person well enough online to write a personalized song about him or her, in a project called Track Me. Interested? All you have to do is give the band permission to stalk you across all social media platforms.

(Riot !n Paris, via YouTube)

Riot !n Paris is a Brooklyn alt-rock and hip hop band comprised of Pete and Mercy, two guys who will be spending the next four weeks writing songs about strangers they “meet” online. To demonstrate their prowess, they’ve written songs about four famous people: actor Aziz Ansari, model Kate Upton, photographer Terry Richardson, and New York meterologist Mike Woods. Each song matches the tone and personality of their subject — an edgier rock song for Richardson, a romantic, acoustic ditty for Upton.

If you’d like a song, submit your information through Track Me, the site documenting the project. If the duo deems you interesting enough, it’ll dig up all the dirt it can find about you online, and write you a personalized tune, which will be posted on its site.

It’s a savvy exercise in songwriting, of course, but it also speaks to ongoing concerns about privacy online, and young people’s disregard for it. It’s likely that the pair will select people whose lives are lived so fully online that the resulting song could be one as personal as a boyfriend or friend — or anyone who actually knows the person — could write. Potential song subjects also might want to think twice about any embarrassing photos from college or high school before submitting their details. If Riot !n Paris records them in the same way as its four celebrity songs — complete with a customized slideshow — photos and incriminating tweets could get a much wider audience.