Natasha Foley, of Winchester, Va., visits her daughter, Amora Rose Zapata, who was the first baby born in 2012 at the Winchester Medical Center. (Ginger Perry/AP)

At least from the initial name-game list, it seems parents are leaning toward SEO-friendly names — a name unique enough that search results will all be about your child, and no one else — perhaps because they know their babies’ lives will be lived partially online.

For some of the first babies of the year, Google search results are already in their favor. Kay’lyn, the first baby of Kentucky, has no other exact matches. Mathea Jeannine, born at 12:02 a.m. in Alaska, is the top of Google results for her name, and the same goes for Carmon McKynli (not a last name) of Mississippi, Envy Essence-Faye of Nevada, Zoey Antoinette of Oregon, and Shekinah Rain Shanice of Texas.

Akaisha Yancy and Maron Brown comfort their newborn baby boy Akier Yancy-Brown who was the first baby born in Pittsburgh in 2012. (Jasmine Goldband/AP)

Celebrities, of course, influenced the crop of New Year’s baby names, too. Might Zooey Deschanel’s huge popularity this year have had anything to do with little Zooey Antoinette? The Jadens (or Jadian, as the first baby of West Virginia’s parents spelled it) of the world may have had something to do with Britney Spears and Will Smith, respectively, using the name for their boys.

Bella Rose, from Wisconsin, may have had parents who were “Twilight” fans. And Khloe, born in Wyoming, will surely grow up hearing about her more famous name doppleganger, whose name ends with Kardashian.

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