Got a grievance to air about the Washington arts scene? Is complaining your favorite form of catharsis? Our Sunday Arts section is seeking critics like yourself, who are interested in giving our local and cultural scene some tough love.

The Kreeger Theater at the newly remodeled Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

The Rant is not for bad reviews — we have our own critics for that. Instead, it’s to call attention to something that could be improved, an issue large or small that hampers the arts, especially if it’s under-reported. Some of our critics have ranted about the lack of access to great views of the Mall, the slow death of live music in musical theater, and the difficulty seeing a stage if you’re of shorter stature. We’re publishing rants in the name of constructive criticism and minimizing will-call line rage.

Take a look at some of our previous rants below — and send us your own. If we like it, you could see it run in this blog, or in Sunday Arts.

The most recent Rants:

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