(via Target.com)

The collection for kids age 6 months to 13 years old is a mix of anime-creature cuteness and punk rock. For girls, there are polka-dot dresses and frilly tutus, topped with a black motorcycle jacket. Boys’ offerings are similar to how Stefani dresses her own sons, Kingston and Zuma — in graphic tees and graffiti-inspired hoodies. A unisex hoodie for toddlers has bear ears atop the hood.

Harajuku Mini’s look is only loosely inspired by actual Harajuku fashion, named after the area near the Harajuku train station in Tokyo where fashionable young people parade around in highly unique outfits. Styles in Harajuku include gothic Lolita, visual kei, and cosplay.

Just because Stefani’s designs are pint-sized, it doesn’t mean that petite adults can’t wear them too. The New York Times recently reported that grown-up women are purchasing designer clothes intended for kids. Stella McCartney’s child-size military jacket, designed for Gap Kids, is in French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s closet. Broadway singer Kristin Chenoweth also shops in the kids’ section.

Target’s last highly successful collaboration was with Missoni, which sold out in minutes and crashed the store’s website. The store’s next adult fashion collaboration will be with Jason Wu, a favorite designer of Michelle Obama. Obama herself was seen shopping in Target in September. Also on the horizon for fans of low-priced designer wares: Doo-Ri Chung, another favorite designer of Obama’s, will design for Macy’s.