Some of these costumes are virtually guaranteed to appear at your Halloween party. Others are harder to pull off. But all of them are inspired by the biggest memes of the last 12 months, and they’ll certainly get wearers noticed as they trick-or-treat.

Big Bird: After Mitt Romney’s remarks in the first debate about cutting funding for PBS despite the fact that he “love[s] Big Bird,” there’s been huge interest in Big Bird costumes — they’re flying off the shelves, reports USA Today. They come in two versions: Original and sexy. Twist: Add a “Will Work for Food” sign and you’re unemployed Big Bird. sold out of several takes on Big Bird almost overnight after Romney's remark during the first presidential debate Oct. 3. Disguise Inc., Sesame Workshop's official costume maker, said interest is up among the thousands of retailers it services. (Scott Spellman/AP)

Pepper Spray Cop: In internet time, the Pepper Spray Cop — an officer who casually pepper-sprayed some handcuffed Occupy protesters — was ages ago. And yes, it doesn’t technically fit under this headline — but since it happened in November 2011, no one got a chance to be the Pepper Spray Cop for Halloween last year, so you’ll have less competition. You’ll need a cop costume and a fake can of pepper spray. Twist: Use a sexy cop costume.

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McKayla is Not Impressed: After McKayla Maroney refused to put on a fake smile for her silver medal at the London Olympics, “McKayla is Not Impressed” became one of the iconic images of the games. The costume is easy: All you need is a tracksuit, a scrunchie, a fake silver medal and a scowl.

McKayla Maroney of the U.S. receives her silver medal in the women's vault victory ceremony in the North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games August 5, 2012. (BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS)

Binders full of women: The second meme to come out of the debates, Mitt Romney’s remark that he looked at “binders full of women” to find candidates for job openings has been a Halloween costume inspiration ever since the words left his mouth. There are two obvious ways to proceed: If you are a woman, use cardboard to envelop yourself (and maybe a female friend) in a giant fake binder. Or, buy a binder, fill it with photos of women (Republican women, especially), and attach it to your body. Bonus points if you wear a Mitt Romney mask. Even more bonus points if the binder is a Lisa Frank Trapper-Keeper, or the actual MassGAP cover sheet below. Warning: Some Twitter commenters are already calling this one overdone, so proceed with caution.

By the by, your Binders Full of Women costume is already outdated, so please don’t,

— erin mccann (@mccanner) October 17, 2012

This photo released Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012 by the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus shows the cover of a binder produced in 2002 by the Massachusetts Government Appointments Project, listing names of potential female candidates for high-level positions in the state. (AP)

Gangnam Style: Korean rapper Psy charmed the world with his party anthem “Gangnam Style.” And even though the parodies of his song are growing staler by the day, Psy’s outlandish personality and flamboyant dress will lend itself well to Halloween costumes. You’ll probably need to do some thrifting and crafting for this one — a few bloggers have published guides to this costume that may help (you can also buy a Psy-like suit for $111 here).

South Korean singer Psy performs his hit "Gangnam Style" during a morning television appearance in central Sydney October 17, 2012. Hundreds of fans came to see Psy's free performance of his chart-topping hit, which has been watched more than 478 million times on YouTube since July. (TIM WIMBORNE/REUTERS)

Potato Jesus: That’s the unofficial internet name of the Ecce Homo fresco of Jesus, “restored” in Spain by an elderly woman, Cecilia Gimenez, who thought she was just being helpful. The monkeylike appearance of the fresco led to many internet parodies. You can attempt this costume with a mask and a burgundy robe, but you’re probably not going to do it as well as this guy.

The 20th century Ecce Homo-style fresco of Christ , left and the “restored” version, at right. Only a month has gone by since an 80-year-old parishoner won global infamy for undertaking a self-styled restoration of a fresco of Christ in a little-known Spanish town, but it took even less time for Internet entrepreneurs to start copying her image compared to a monkey’s head to sell everything from T-shirts to cellphone covers and wine. (AP)

Tan mom: America may have been appalled by “Tan Mom” — Patricia Krentcil, a New Jersey mom who was charged with child endangerment for allegedly putting her five-year-old child in a tanning booth — but we also couldn’t look away. Months after she became an internet meme, Tan Mom has lightened up considerably. But she’s still an easy costume — just buy bronzer. A LOT of bronzer.


Invisible Obama: When Clint Eastwood addressed an empty chair that stood in for President Obama during the Republican National Convention, Twitter erupted with “Invisible Obama” memes. Piggybacking on the popularity of all political costumes this year, your invisible Obama costume only requires you to affix a (lightweight) chair to your body. Or, you could grey your hair, put on a suit and go as Clint Eastwood, pausing to lecture all of the empty chairs at the Halloween party and mutter incoherently.

Actor Clint Eastwood speaks during the final day of the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on August 30, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. (Mark Wilson/GETTY IMAGES)

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy: Zeddie Little had no idea that when he smiled for a photo while running a race in South Carolina, that he would become internet-famous. But his good looks earned him the title “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” and some TV appearances after a photographer posted his image on Reddit and it garnered 1.5 million views in only a few days. How to be “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy?” Shorts, a t-shirt, a number safety-pinned to your shirt and a few friends with cameras to take pictures of your perfect grin. And it won’t hurt if you’re really, really attractive.

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