“For Halloween this year, he decided to go as a gay lumberjack with a shoebox for a hat, or as he liked to call it, ‘Tuesday.’” (Courtesy of Halloween or Williamsburg)

Halloween or Williamsburg continues the Internet’s fine tradition of mockingly documenting the bizarre outfits of hipsters via crowdsourcing, but this time with a topical seasonal twist.

Because, after all, many of these outfits DO look like Halloween costumes. Is that guy wearing a suit made out of trash bags taped together because he prefers them to fabric, or because he ran out of costume ideas? Is one girl wearing comically oversized glasses because the already-oversized nerd glasses that some hipsters wear aren’t big enough — or because she read Ned Martel’s essay about how hipster glasses are over, anyway? Or is this just fodder for another Tumblr book deal, à la “Look at This [expletive] Hipster?

“Ugh, morning commutes, AMIRITE?” (Courtesy of Halloween or Williamsburg)