Cue the anti-sexy costume rant: You’ll be seeing many on blogs this week. And they’re right: Sexy costumes can be ridiculous, offensive and set a bad example for kids. But it seems like costume designers must see them as a challenge, instead: Who can make the most ridiculously illogical sexy costume?

This undated image released by Scott Spellman shows Shannon Ziegler wearing a yellow dress, stockings and a fluffy hat that has google eyes. sold out of several takes on Big Bird almost overnight after Romney's remark during the first presidential debate Oct. 3. (Scott Spellman/AP)

Here are this year’s ridiculous sexy costumes — all by Yandy Costumes — ranked in increasing order of incongruity:

(Courtesy of Yandy)

Fair enough. The ox was named ”Babe,” after all, so why wouldn’t she be a sultry Lady-Ox?

(Courtesy Yandy)

If you get two friends to be a sexy lima bean and a sexy tomato, you have a group costume: Sexy Succotash.

(Courtesy of Yandy)

Well, Pepe Le Pew was sort of a skunk sex symbol, right?

(Courtesy of Yandy)

What? No. First of all, this meme was from last year. Second, don’t you remember that video where the Honey Badger eats the snake? Not exactly appealing. Or, in the words of the Honey Badger narrator Randall: “Nasty.”

(Courtesy of Yandy)

Oscar the Grouch lives in a trash can. A trash can full of trash. Trash can never be sexy, and neither can those disembodied eyeballs on top of her head.

(Courtesy of Yandy)

The Sexy Lorax costume is especially controversial considering that the Lorax would undoubtedly disapprove of the environmental waste that went into producing this 93% polyester outfit, which will likely only be worn once. Also, the Lorax was voiced by the decidedly unsexy Danny DeVito, and has a Wilford Brimley moustache.

(Courtesy of Yandy)

Sexy Kia Hamster DJ (You know, from those commercials)

The only connection between these anthropomorphic Kia Hamsters from the commercial and the word “sexy” is the “Party Rock Anthem,” which is performed by the same guys behind “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” Sexy Kia Hamster is this year’s most nonsensical sexy costume — but also the most ingenious free advertising for those cars.

Have you seen some weirdly sexy costumes out there? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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