In one small step for Auto-Tune, one giant leap for science nerd lulz, renowned astrophysicist and frequent “Colbert Report” guest Neil Degrasse Tyson gets the Auto-Tune treatment with “Onward to the Edge,” a remix of a lecture about the solar system.

See the video after the jump.

Tyson’s performance is the latest installment of Symphony of Science, a musical science-education project. “Onward to the Edge” describes traveling through our universe past the Earth’s atmosphere, the moon, and the planets. The video also features scientists Brian Cox and Carolyn Porco, and a quote from Carl Sagan.

Tyson was a fan of the video, tweeting, “Good thing for Autotune.” The scientist explained the technology behind Auto-Tune for a 2009 segment on the show he hosts, PBS-NOVA’s scienceNOW. Tyson is also a music lover, telling Jazz Times, “Perhaps there’s some overlap between that which stimulates the mind when you think about music and that which stimulates the mind when you’re thinking about the frontier of cosmic discovery.”

Capitalizing on curiosity about the video, Tyson answered questions on Reddit about science, discovery and music. He also crushed sci-fi fans’ dreams when one reader asked what element of science fiction — time travel, light sabers, invisibility, etc. — humans would reach first. “None of it,” replied Tyson. “Not even the costumes.”