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Tim Heidecker, one half of the comedy duo Tim & Eric, has released a nine-song album of Cain jingles, with proceeds going to charity. “Cainthology: Songs in the Key of Cain” includes ditties such as “Cain Train Baby,” “Pray For Cain,” and “Cain Is Able.” One, “Lord Cain,” describes Cain as the second coming of Christ. His fans have made music videos for the jingles on YouTube.

The album was inspired by Cain’s bizarre campaign video, which prominently featured his aide smoking a cigarette. After it went viral, fans of Tim & Eric compared the video to the comedians’ style.

“The smoking commercial got compared to our stuff and I took it as a challenge to create something weirder, stupider,” Heidecker wrote to the Huffington Post. “But I think the biggest opportunity Cain offers is the several other words that rhyme with Cain.”

Heidecker created “The Cain Train,” an homage to Cain, Amtrak, and rhymes. It went viral and Heidecker couldn’t put down the pen. Within a few days later, he had a full album of songs. “Cainthology” can be downloaded from The Little Record Company, and all of the $9.99 price will benefit the Violence Intervention program.

According to Heidecker his mock-endorsement hasn’t been received happily by the Cain campaign. Heidecker tweeted that an employee from the campaign screamed at him over the phone to take the songs down.

Whether the songs beat out Cain’s rendition of “Imagine,” may be a question of whether or not you’re a fan of Heidecker’s obscure comedy. You decide:

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