Texts from Hillary” just got meta. For a week now, the blog has been depicting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s imagined text-message conversations with other politicians and celebrities — sass-mouthing Joe Biden about his love of Justin Bieber, and rejecting a friend request from Mark Zuckerberg.

(Courtesy of Adam Smith, Texts from Hillary. Original image by Diana Walker for Time.)

It’s been a big week for Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe, D.C. communications professionals who started the blog “On a whim,” says Smith in an e-mail. “We thought it would be funny to us. We didn’t know it’d get this big.”

Though most memes poke fun at their subjects, Texts from Hillary pays tribute to a leader that they see as a “force to be reckoned with,” Lambe told GQ. It was flattering enough for Hillary to get in on the joke herself, submitting an image with captions (defying our prediction earlier this week, she used an emoticon). She pokes gentle fun at the bloggers and their “selfie,” or cell-phone camera self-portrait. Her staff also invited Smith and Lambe to meet the secretary.

“The meeting was brief but great,” said Smith. “She was very friendly and gracious and she told us how much she liked the site.”

She also took photos with the bloggers and autographed a printout of the meme she created, writing “Adam — Thanks for the many lolz. Hillary ‘Hillz’”

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