The show, tentatively titled “Honey Badger U,” will center around Randall, a professor of life sciences, and his students. The honey badger will be the school’s mascot. Six Eleven Media, the team behind the show, plans to pitch it to networks later this month. The announcement coincides with the release of a Honey Badger book.

The original short video featured footage from an animal documentary overdubbed by a man named “Randall.” Randall narrated the adventures of a honey badger in a way never heard before on any National Geographic show before or since.

Though the Honey Badger is beloved, shows based on Internet memes haven’t traditionally fared well. “ [Expletive] My Dad Says,” starring William Shatner and based on the Twitter feed of the same name, was cancelled after 18 episodes. A Comedy Central show based on the blog “Stuff White People Like," starring Patrice O’Neal, was announced in March 2010, but never gained traction.

But those examples have not derailed television executives from mining the Internet for inspiration. “Texts From Last Night” is also in development for a show on Fox, and a “Marcel the Shell” show, after the videos of the same name, is in the works.

Will the premise of a Honey Badger show find an audience, or is it better left alone as a viral video?

Here’s a link to the video on YouTube. Warning: there is obscene language in the video.