Until Sandy unleashes its full fury on us, there’s still time to laugh and enjoy a good meme while we can. Early this morning Jimmy Kruyne was just a dude. By late this morning he was nationally-known as Horse Mask Guy. And by this evening he’ll probably be forgotten. That’s how the meme world works. The hyper-cycle was on display this morning on Twitter as I watched Horse Mask Guy hysteria sweep my timeline.

1) Horse Mask Guy gets mentioned.

somebody at @nbcwashington needs to get us a GIF of that dude running around Bloomingdale in little but a horse head mask NOW.

— Aaron Morrissey (@amorrissey) October 29, 2012

2) Horse Mask Guy gets screencapped.

So this person just ran by a live shot on NBC4... lockerz.com/s/257195675

— Gheorghe The Blog (@gheorghetheblog) October 29, 2012

3) Horse Mask Guy gets YouTubed.

YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS! D.C. horseface jogger hurricane madness! youtu.be/OTO_NsYkqOo

— Mike Tunison (@xmasape) October 29, 2012

4) Horse Mask Guy gets blogged.

Video: Some Guy in a Horse Mask, Running Around Bloomingdalewcp.to/Tq7g5F

— City Paper (@wcp) October 29, 2012

5) Horse Mask Guy gets blogged, again.

The shirtless man wearing a horse head wins Hurricane Sandy: bit.ly/PClNvP

— DCist (@dcist) October 29, 2012

6) Horse Mask Guy gets blogged on a huge national sports site.

Shirtless horse-masked jogger interrupts Hurricane Sandy news report: deadsp.in/Vx1fBz

— Deadspin (@Deadspin) October 29, 2012

7) Horse Mask Guy gets blogged on a huge national news/gossip site.

Who is winning Hurricane Sandy? Probably the shirtless guy jogging around D.C. in the horse mask. Video (and GIFs): gaw.kr/0aLE63

— Gawker (@Gawker) October 29, 2012

8) Horse Mask Guy speaks and identifies himself!

UPDATE: The horse-mask jogger speaks! bit.ly/PClNvP

— DCist (@dcist) October 29, 2012

9) Horse Mask Guy takes a photo of himself, wearing horse mask, in front of TV showing himself running around Bloomingdale while wearing horse mask.

Horse mask man @howtojimmyk poses in front of his television. Hurricane Meta i.imgur.com/bHtwi.jpg

— Dan Steinberg (@dcsportsbog) October 29, 2012

Full meme cycle achieved.

Besides, Horse Mask Guy is old news. Now it’s all about Zombie Pirates Dude.