The author of the “Hunger Games” has a new book, but don’t expect to find any tributes or tracker-jackers here.

Suzanne Collins’s latest effort, “Year of the Jungle,” is an autobiographical picture book for kids ages four and up. According to Scholastic, Collins’s publisher, the 40-page book will detail the year Collins spent without her father as he fought in the Vietnam War. It was illustrated by James Proimos, Collins’ long-time friend, and will retail for $17.99 when it hits bookshelves in September.

Novelist Suzanne Collins' new book, "Year of the Jungle," is scheduled for Sept. 10, 2013, Scholastic Inc. announced Thursday. (AP Photo/Scholastic Inc.) (AP)

The picture book may seem a jump — and a disappointment — for rabid “Hunger Games” fans. (That trilogy and its accompanying movies are set in a dystopian future where teenage gladiators fight to the death.) The series is Amazon’s best-selling of all time, according to New York Magazine, and the film counterpart grossed $152.5 million in its opening weekend alone. Stanley Tucci and Lenny Kravitz are among the actors returning for film two.

“Year of the Jungle” boasts markedly less star potential and, sadly, fewer opportunities for fan fiction, forum meltdowns and tributary cakes. But, the book does parallel the “Hunger Games” mission of expressing the realities of war for younger readers.

If fans are upset by the age shift, they aren’t showing it., perhaps the biggest “Hunger Games” fan site, posted an excerpt from Scholastic’s “Year of the Jungle” press release this morning. They’re more excited about the fine print, though: The publisher will also drop “Catching Fire” as a trade paperback next summer.

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