The fiscal 2012 federal budget is awaiting the signature of President Obama.

Rocco Landesman, chair of the National Endowment for the Arts, is getting $9 million less for the agency in fiscal 2012. (Marcus Yam/TWP) (Marcus Yam)

The National Endowment for the Arts received $146.2 million, which is the same target the president had sent to the Hill earlier this year. That’s a reduction of $9 million from the 2011 total of $155 million. The National Endowment for the Humanities received the same amount and reduction.

The Smithsonian is relieved to receive $811.5 million, which is $52 million above the fiscal 2011 appropriations.

Early in 2011 there were questions about the impact of the “Hide/Seek” controversy on the federal money given the Smithsonian. That concern seems to have died out.

In the Smithsonian’s budget is $75 million, targeted for the construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Construction begins in 2012.

Also included is $17 million for the revitalization and design of some projects at the National Zoo.