Holidays! There are so many holidays, and it’s so hard to keep track. Luckily for us, there’s Nicole Westbrook — soon to be known as “The New Rebecca Black” — to help us remember which is which. Just as Rebecca Black — the teen viral star for her song, “Friday,” from 2011 — reminded us of all of the days of the week, Nicole Westbrook lists many of the holidays, with a heads-up for the next one: Thanksgiving.

After she dispenses with Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter and the Fourth of July, Westbrook uses a turkey drumstick as a microphone and sings the praises of the Thanksgiving feast: “Gotta be grateful / can’t be hateful / mashed potatoes on my, on my table.”

Calling Westbrook the new Rebecca Black isn’t that much of a stretch — it seems to be what she’s aiming for. The song was written and produced by Patrice Wilson, whose Ark Music Factory spewed out “Friday” and a bunch of other poorly-written, generic teen hits. Just like “Friday,” he appears in the video as the only adult eating turkey with a bunch of teens and partying with them, as if that isn’t weird at all.

Something about Thanksgiving lends itself to nonsense songs — remember Adam Sandler’s take on it?