A show of color and sheen adds Lyons’ signature dazzle to the daytime. (Ned Martel/The Washington Post)

The bags and shoes are not afterthoughts, with hardware and tints that add their own impact. (Ned Martel/Ned Martel)

Lyons continues to impress upon the universe that mass market can lead the market. Her clothes countered Miranda Priestly’s famous cerulean soliloquy, insisting instead that mall fashion need not wait its turn. Lyons’ brain is not the first to fuse fuschia with orange but she’s the first to make the radiant colors look less rarified. She loves a day sequin, a neon blast and then a little khaki come-down. Like the designer herself, the clothes are magically noticeable but never maniacally so.

Standing tall and hanging out, Lyons is a corporate leader with a casual air. (Ned Martel/Ned Martel)

(Ned Martel)

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