In the fall, Jeremy Scott, the enfant terrible of Fashion Week, sent models down the runway in day-glo chaps and cow print. This spring, he ditched the cows for “Cowabunga,” using Bart Simpson and other ’80s and ’90s references as his inspiration.

The audience of Scott’s runway show was treated to a pastiche of pop culture references that included “Rainbow Brite,” emoticons, early AOL instant-messenger and Lisa Frank, the candy-colored maker of school accessories for girls. Perhaps his boldest prints were those that repeated the face of Bart Simpson, though — and just before the show’s 500th episode, no less. Take a look:

View Photo Gallery: The playful designer revealed a collection based on Bart Simpson, emoticons and Lisa Frank, that ’90s-era purveyor of unicorn notebooks.

Here’s what writers had to say about Scott’s bold collection:

“No matter what Scott was trying to instant-message us, the shimmering Strawberry Shortcake doppelgangers and dudes in Bartman sweaters, iridescent oil-slick trousers and lime-green crocodile pattern hiking boots made us happy we logged on.” — The L.A. Times.

“For those daring enough literally to wear your kitsch on your shoulders.” — New York Post

“Pretty much a whole lot of things you probably wore in 1993 that were awesome.” — Racked

“You basically just have Katy Perry’s next tour wardrobe.” — Fashionista

“An adult jungle gym of couture ... To Mr. Scott, the joke only gets funnier with every season.” — Vibe.


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