This week’s viral video sensation—the lord-of-the-flies taunting of a 68-year-old bus monitor by a group of mean tweens—has drawn outrage and cash. As of early this afternoon, following national TV coverage of the story, a fund set up on behalf of bullied bus lady Karen Klein has exceeded $240,000.

It should draw a couple of questions, too.

Why all that money? No knock on the milk of human kindness—the fund was originally set up to provide Klein with a vacation—but the instinct to send money is a curious one. Perhaps the Internet, and a few political fundraising cycles, have taught Americans to transform sympathy, support and revulsion into transferable dollars. George Zimmerman certainly found that out when his defense fund began brimming over with contributions.

The other question surrounds those infernal kids. Police in Greece, N.Y., where the taunting took place, say they’ve questioned the 12- and 13-year-olds involved, and Greece Central School District says it’s investigating. Klein says she’d like a new bus route and an apology.

A little old-fashioned shame might be in order, too; no funds necessary.

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