Kevin Hart popped up in a theater in Charlotte and bought 200 tickets for fans to see his movie, "Laugh at My Pain." (

“Jello” is Hart’s shorthand for being in the zone, a mode where he’s hitting all his marks and the audience is laughing so hard you might wonder if they were being paid to do so.

“Once I got into that mode, I just kept pushing the envelope and seeing how far they’d let me push it,” he said.

After netting $2 million for the limited release of “Laugh at My Pain,” his first theatrical release for his stand-up comedy, which premiered in 99 cities, Hart must be backstroking through the Jello.

Staying plugged in with his more than 2 million Twitter followers @KevinHart4Real, the comedian expressed his excitement and chronicled his premiere tour over the past couple of days.

BREAKING NEWS TWITCHESSS!!! Due to popular demand Laugh at my pain will be expanding to the following markets next week #LAUGHATMYPAINless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyKevin Hart

I just got my Boxx office #’s 4 this weekend & I immediately started crying.....I dropped 2 my knees & thanked god 4 my blessings & my fansless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet ReplyKevin Hart

The movie uses footage of stand-up comedy from his tour of the same name and shows Hart returning to Philadelphia, where he grew up. On the heels of “Seriously Funny” and “Grown Little Man,” he decided to delve a little deeper and find the funny in difficult issues including his recent divorce, his mom’s death and growing up with a father on drugs.

“I got the confidence to try from ‘Seriously Funny’ because I was doing the same thing,” he said. “I was punching up jokes and getting stronger and stronger. By the time I filmed it, it was nowhere near what it started out as.”

“Laugh at My Pain,” which cost $750,000 to make, will expand this coming weekend to 58 more cities, including Indianapolis, Las Vegas and Milwaukee, and was already slated to release in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

“I never knew how to make my pain funny. It took quite some time for me to get to where I want to be,” Hart said. “And once I got there, I said, ‘Wow, this could be really big.’ ”

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