LMFAO, America’s princes of party rock, wrote one of their shot-swilling anthems about a 2010 encounter with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney that devolved into a shoving match. In an interview with Allison Stewart in Sunday Style, RedFoo said that the song “We Came Here to Party” is inspired by his bandmate Sky Blu’s skirmish with Romney after Blu reclined his chair too far into Romney’s space on a Jet Blue flight.

Los Angeles based duo LMFAO pose on the red carpet at the MTV Europe Music Awards show in Belfast Nov. 6, 2011. (Luke MacGregor/Reuters)

“We Came Here to Party” enforces peaceable partying, with the lyrics “We came here to party (ROCK!)/We didn’t come here to fight.” The song references the Romney incident directly: “We both get a lot of attention in the press / You sellin' books and wanna be the president / We sellin' hooks and the flow is heaven sent / We both hustlin' so why we tustlin'.”

“[After the incident] both parties were fighting. Mitt Romney’s fans were attacking the LMFAO fans and the LMFAO fans were going back and forth,” RedFoo told the Post. “We’re basically saying, everyone’s a human and we all can get along, and how you do that is at the party, you know?” Read the rest of the LMFAO interview here.

When LMFAO aren’t scuffling, they’re shuffling. The band’s “Party Rock Anthem,” which popularized the shuffling dance craze, has gotten more than 280 million views on YouTube, and was covered by the Ohio University marching band. Though the duo didn’t invent shuffling, they’ve become masters of the craft, even teaching it to Ryan Seacrest.

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