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In capital shorthand, “K Street” stands in for “lobbying” or “influence-peddling” or “everything that is wrong with politics today.”

Maybe it shouldn’t. Last year, lobbying activity dipped for the first time in over a decade. The number of registered lobbyists also dropped, and only one of the 20 top-earning lobbying firms in Washington even has a K Street address.

Ego Brown runs a shoeshine business in the underground food court at 1850 K St. NW. (Dan Zak/The Washington Post)

On Wednesday I’ll publish an article that tries to look past K Street’s reputation toward its actual essence, but I need help painting a true picture of the District’s central boulevard as a place to live, work, commute through, stroll along and, of course, occupy. Take an Instagram that depicts the K Street that you know — the good, the bad, the ugly, the lovely, the view from your office, the odd piece of street art, the interiors, the exteriors, the suite life, the bus crowd, the big picture, the tiny details — and hashtag your images #RealKStreet in the caption or comment field.

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