The Opening Ceremonies were about pageantry, history and spectacle. But the Closing Ceremonies? It’s going to be a huge party. Details about Sunday’s ceremony are slowly leaking out, and if even half the musicians rumored to be playing end up in the show, it will be a boisterous mix of the most beloved British pop music of the last 50 years.

You can watch it streaming live online at 4 p.m. EDT/PDT or tape-delayed on NBC beginning at 7 p.m. As for who you’ll see in the “Symphony of British Music,” the theme of the show: Many of the details are still under wraps, but speculation is swirling. Here’s who may or may not be making an appearance — and our wish list for the hits we’d hope to hear on Sunday:

The Spice Girls

View Photo Gallery: With a musical featuring songs by the British pop band in the works, here’s a look at the songstresses’ careers since their hit “Wannabe” topped the charts in the late ’90s.

Confirmed? Not officially — but The Sun snapped some pictures of them at a rehearsal. They also have an upcoming musical to promote, so the conditions are perfect for a reunion.

What they should perform: “Wannabe,” the song that made them America’s sweethearts back in 1996.


Confirmed?: Yes, according to MTV.

What they will perform: Their Olympics theme, “Survival.”


Confirmed? : Nope, Adele’s status is still at “Rumor Has It.”

What she should perform: Tipsters have reported to the British media that she’ll be turning on the tears for “Someone Like You.”

George Michael:

Confirmed?: He spilled the beans on Twitter.

What he should perform: “Freedom ‘90.” With the music video’s famous supermodel lip-synch, it would be perfect for the Ceremonies’s concurrent showcase of British fashion, rumored to be led by Kate Moss. Naomi Campbell, who was in the video, is also rumored to be making an appearance on the Closing Ceremonies catwalk.

Annie Lennox:

Confirmed?: Nothing official, but she’s pictured in a very strange costume in The Sun’s rehearsal photos.

What she should perform: “No More I Love Yous” was her top-charting single in the U.K., but it seems awfully sad for a celebration — so let’s go with “Walking on Broken Glass."

The Pet Shop Boys:

Confirmed?: They, too, were spotted by The Sun, riding through the rehearsal in rickshaws.

What they should perform: “West End Girls” would be a very London choice.

One Direction:

Confirmed?: Not officially. Their leigon of swooning teenage fans holds out hope, though, because they’ve been on the speculative list of performers for a while.

What they should perform : Well, they only have one real hit song so far, which makes it easy: "What Makes You Beautiful.”

Kate Bush

Confirmed?: The eclectic and reclusive singer might be the wild card here. No confirmation for Kate Bush yet. But a remix of one of her songs appeared on Amazon recently, fueling speculation.

What she should perform: “Wuthering Heights." It would make the Closing Ceremonies really weird.

Jessie J

Confirmed?: She was spotted at that rehearsal, too.

What she should perform: British press tipsters say she’ll be performing “We Will Rock You” with Queen’s Brian May. Which is great, because it spares us from actually having to listen to a Jessie J song.

Also named in the rumors: The Who, Ray Davies of the Kinks, and, naturally, Paul McCartney.


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