Any ad­ven­ture with Don Draper will certainly involve a drink — or eight. True to the show, “Mad Men: The Game,” an 8-bit “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style game begins with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s star talent nursing a drink in his office. What happens next is up to you.

Screen shot of “Mad Men: The Game” (The Fine Brothers/Via YouTube)

Benny and Rafi Fine lead us through Draper’s quest to regain his confidence, inner peace and inspiration in order to save the agency. As he interacts with Peggy, Betty and Pete, users can click through the paths to three possible endings. “Choose Your Own Adventure” games are becoming more popular on YouTube.

The video game characters frequently break the fourth wall, acknowledging that they are in a show and a game. When Pete tells Don that he knows his real name is Dick Whitman, Don replies, “Didn’t we go through this in Season One?” Fans will appreciate details such as a tractor appearing in the office during a chase scene.

But for eager fans who have been waiting more than a year for the show’s return, trying to figure out how the game ends is a welcome distraction for the wait until Sunday, when they’ll learn how the season begins.

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View Photo Gallery: Since season 4 of “Mad Men” ended in 2010, here’s a reminder about the state of the employees of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and residents of the Francis family. “Mad Men” returns to AMC on Sunday.

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