Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, the mollusk that charmed the entire Internet, is swimming with success. From one viral video, the shell has gone on to star in a children’s book and its creators are in talks with TV producers for a Marcel show.

Video after the jump.

Marcel the Shell was created by former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Jenny Slate and filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp. There’s something utterly charming about the tangential talk of the shell explaining his everyday life.

Pearls of wisdom from Marcel:

• “If you drive a bug, you have to be pretty easygoing because you’re only going to go where the bug wants to go. One week there was a maple sugar syrup spill in the kitchen, and every time I would ride the bug, no matter where I wanted to go, I would just end up back at the kitchen.”

• “You can’t make [a nickname] for yourself. You can make yourself a new hairstyle, but you can’t say, well now, you know, I go by the name of The General, or whatever.”

• “We don’t have a newspaper, but sometimes I’ll just read a receipt. I like to get a feel for daily life.”

“Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Things About Me” is available through Penguin. The authors are currently on a book tour across the country, before they begin work on the TV show. “Our hope is that it will be like ‘The Muppet Show,’ a place where our comedian friends can come and play around in a world full of shells,” Slate said to Time.

The original Marcel the Shell video: