From the “Miracle on 42nd Street” video. (YouTube Screengrab)

Okay, so maybe it’s not classically Christmas, but the YouTube video “Miracle on 42nd Street,” which features dancers Alex Karigan and Zac Hammer dancing to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” has become the Internet must-see this holiday season:

With an attitude and team spirit reminiscent of the “Saturday Night Live” Spartan cheerleaders, Karigan and Hammer hosted a live Washington Post video Q&A Friday -- in costume:

Readers asked them about their video, requested dance advice and tested the duo by challenging them to bust some moves on camera (heel, stretch, turn, anyone?). Hammer even responded to another popular YouTube video by doing his best honey badger impression.

But the pair proved their dancing mettle when one reader suggested the team consider moving to Whitey Houston’s “I Want to Dance With Somebody.” Hammer pulled it up on his iTunes, and he and Karigan quickly improvised a Houston dance-off.

To see the whole Q&A, watch the video.

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“Miracle on 42nd Street” was choreographed and performed by Alex Karigan and Zac Hammer, members of the Amy Marshall Dance Company, and filmed at New 42nd Street Studios by Jason Haro and Brigham Mosley.