Miss Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler, was crowned Miss America on Jan. 14 after she dazzled judges with her operatic performance and final interview answer. Here’s a look at what she’s been up to since then:

View Photo Gallery: The finals of the Miss America pageant were held Saturday night at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Miss Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler, won the pageant.

1. Wiping mascara off of her cheeks:

(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Laura Kaeppeler poses with her father, Jeff Kaeppeler. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Charges against her father, Jeff, resulted from an FBI investigation of a Ponzi scheme-type investment company that defrauded 100 Kenosha residents out of more than $6 million, according to the Kenosha News.

3. Asking out quarterbacks:

“If you’re watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me,” she said to the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback during the show.

4. Stealing TV viewers from Tim Tebow in the ratings:

Kaeppeler tackled Tebow in the ratings on Saturday, which probably says more about the football player’s poor showing than it does about her star appeal. According to TheWrap, the pageant, broadcast on ABC, drew an average audience of 8 million viewers in its final half-hour as people tuned out of the Broncos-Patriots game. Though the game began with about 34 million viewers, only 25 million watched to the very end. The pageant, on the other hand, gained 2 million viewers as it progressed.

5. Receiving compliments:

Friends, family and fans have let the Journal Times of Racine, Wis., know that Kaeppeler is “humble,” “genuine,” and “never someone who craved the spotlight or attention.” Also, that she is a fan of “Twilight.”

6. Doing her best Kate Middleton impersonation:

Don’t they look alike? Sort of?

(John Stillwell/AFP/Getty Images)

7. Clearing her schedule for pancake breakfasts.

According to a MarketWire press release: “Less than 72 hours after being crowned Miss America 2012, Laura Kaeppeler has flipped for kids and announced that she plans to exchange her crown for a chef’s hat, her gown for an apron and her sash for a spatula to serve as spokeswoman for IHOP’s seventh-annual National Pancake Day celebration benefitting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.” Still to be determined: whether or not the beauty queen will eat pancakes.

8: Smiling.

(Steve Marcus/Reuters)