Almost every folk and traditional expression in the world has landed in Montgomery County. And the official arts agency wanted to share that richness.

“We know that the public school student body includes children from over 164 countries speaking 184 languages,” Shellie Williams, the deputy director of the county’s Arts and Humanities Council (AHCMC), said. The group did a census between 2006 and 2010 to collect the original stories as part of Maryland Traditions, a program under the Maryland States Art Council.

Bob Perilla and the Big Bluegrass Band

(Lesole Maine dancers, Courtesy of Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County)

The six artists and groups featured in the first phase are:

The Cambodian Buddhist Society; Shizumi Manale ; Lesole Maine; Bob Perilla, Big Bluegrass Band;Diana Saez, Coral Cantigas; and Tzvety and Bryndyn Weiner and Varol Saatcioglu, the Balkanics.