’King Lear,’ presented by Mixrun Productions . (Kristen Quade)

We’ve got more reviews from Post critics:

“Assembly Required: Comedy from A to Y”: Stephanie Merry gets a lesson in comedy from last year’s popular duo, Rob and Flick (Joshua Morgan and Brian Sutow of the Helen Hayes-winning No Rules Theatre Company), who are funny in all the wrong ways. “Watching the pair fail at demonstrating the mechanics of comic timing and technique turns out to be an exercise in hilarity, mostly because the actors are so fully committed to their outlandish characters,” says Merry. Read her full review here.

“Hamlet: Reframed”: Grain of Sand Theatre Company remakes ”Hamlet” without all of the introspection, focusing on the confusion the court experiences over Hamlet’s behavioral shift. Unfortunately, “It turns out that without all the navel-gazing, “Hamlet” isn’t all that interesting. Sure, Hamlet’s kind of a trigger-happy maniac, but that’s no revelation. He’s a trigger-happy maniac in the original, too,” says Fiona Zublin. Read her full review here.

“Hotel [Expletive]”: The Washington Shakespeare Company offers up this 1998 play by experimental playwright Richard Foreman, in which everyone gets naked. “The intentionally disorienting ‘Hotel’ has no real plot but slides up against a couple of themes: fear of sex and fear of sappy theater,” says Rachel Weiner. Read her full review here.

FUN FACT: There are two other plays in the Fringe with titles unfit for a family newspaper. The are: “I Love You, (We’re [Expletive])” and “[Expletive] Up Everything,” which sort of has a ring to it. You can fill in the blanks.

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Fringe News:

• To look beyond the usual sources for Fringe reviews, here are a few blogs by individuals who are writing about shows on their own. The 100 Play Project has seen 21 shows so far. Adventures in Volunteering is by a girl who has been selling tickets and hauling ice in exchange for free theater. She didn’t think much of one of the aforementioned expletive plays.

• Reviewed in Fringe & Purge: “Illuminate: A Martial Arts Experience.” This review could have just read: LASERS. NINJAS. NUNCHUKS. KUNG FU. AWESOME.

• A second opinion on the “Hamlet” that Zublin disliked: Ross Preston of DC Theatre Scene says that “’Hamlet: Reframed’ was everything a Hamlet lover could ever want out of an adaptation.”