The National Gallery of Art has added its first painting by Simon Hantai, the reclusive abstract artist, and acquired some more Andy Warhol.

"Etude,” 1969 by Simon Hantai. Gift of the Collectors Committee, National Gallery of Art. (2012 Estate Simon Hantai)

The Collectors Committee of the gallery also purchased a Warhol portfolio “Flash-November 22, 1963.”

The Warhol contains 11 screenprints and 11 double-sided texts with news bulletins and accounts of John Kennedy’s assassination. Warhol said he was reacting to the news saturation following the president’s murder. An edition of “Flash,” borrowed from the National Portrait Gallery, was part of the gallery’s “Warhol Headlines” show. The gallery bought its new “Flash” from the Warhol Foundation.

Robert Heinecken photographs were also purchased, providing another study of the news media. “Newswomen, Suite B” pictures three anchorwomen with a fourth image a composite of the trio.