Geishas perform a tea ceremony, part of an upcoming exhibition at Geographic (Eliza R. Scidmore/ National Geographic Society )

This is a new position at the museum, whose director, Susan Norton, retired last month. Keane will oversee the exhibitions at the flagship museum on M Street N.W., as well as the traveling exhibitions.

In her previous job at the museum Keane oversaw the exhibition on King Tutankhamen, which traveled to 15 cities, and “Afghanistan, Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul,” a joint project with the National Gallery of Art, which traveled to five cities.

A cherry tree blooms near a bridge in a public garden, part of an upcoming exhibition at the Geographic. (Eliza R. Scidmore/ National Geographic Society)

The Geographic also announced some future shows: “Samurai: The Warrior Transformed,” a history of the samurai with an adjunct show featuring the photography by Eliza R. Scidmore, the first woman on the Geographic Society board. It opens March 7.

She urged the gift of the cherry trees to Washington, a landmark addition to the capital’s cityscape. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the presentation.