The National Portrait Gallery unveiled a new acquisition Tuesday--a painting of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Portrait of Bill and Melinda Gates by Jon Friedman

It will be on view at the gallery in its “Recent Acquisitions” gallery on the first floor at the G Street N. W. entrance.

The famous couple issued a joint statement. “It is an honor to have our portrait joining those of so many outstanding Americans in the National Portrait Gallery,” said Bill and Melinda Gates. “Our thanks go to Jon Friedman for creating the portrait in so thoughtful a manner, and for calling out the work of our foundation so evocatively.”

Friedman, who grew up in Northern Virginia and went to Washington-Lee High School, as well as what was the Corcoran Museum School in 1968, is a versatile artist who already has two portraits---Harry Varmus and David Baltimore---at the museum. He is scheduled to talk Tuesday at noon about new portrait.